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Alberta’s First Family of the Carnival

In 1967, Mike Kryzanowski had a dream to own a travelling carnival, and now 50 years later we’re proud to call ourselves Alberta’s first family of the carnival.

Mike began his career in the late 60’s working for a few travelling carnivals before he decided to branch out on his own. He purchased his first concession, which was an empty 14” trailer, and souped it up to include a cotton candy and popcorn machine, jewellery spindle and an Add ‘em Up game. He then travelled to Alsak, Saskatchewan, where he purchased a truck mounted swing ride, a small merry-go-round and a Moonwalk ride. This was the beginning of Michael’s Amusements, with the first carnival taking place on the main street of Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

From there, the carnival expanded to include many more rides and games including a Merry Mixer and a Paratrooper, their first thrill ride. With his son, Michael’s involvement, the family business continued to grow. Michael began to acquire more attractions, his first being the Sky Fighter, and then trikes and airboats. In 1987, Michael took a trip to Yakima, Washington and purchased his first major ride, the Scrambler. That same year, Michael met his wife, Debbie. Michael and Debbie now have three children, Cassandra, Matthew, and Mikayla, who have all joined the business. It truly is a family carnival!

Wild Rose travels all over Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan from April through September. We now have nearly 50 attractions, while many of the classic rides that are a part of our humble beginnings continue to ride on with us. As we look forward to the next 50 years, we hope to continue to expand our amusements and maintain our position as Alberta’s premier travelling carnival!